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You love dance music and attending events of all shapes and sizes, but have always wanted to be part of the bigger picture. You are a hard worker who loves to spread good vibes to all of those around you and you enjoy acting as an envoy for our vibrant music and art scene. You have a passion for and fascination with festival culture and the impact that it has on all of those who experience it and you're itching to get more involved.

If this sounds like you, please tell us a little bit about yourself, fill out our applications below and get involved by applying to join the Awakened Movement! Many of the available positions are outlined below, but there are others that we may recruit you for if we see specialized or relevant experience on your resume.

Note: All first-time volunteers must pay for a refundable Volunteer Ticket worth $100, paid at the time of being hired on. This Volunteer Ticket is in place to ensure that volunteers complete the shifts they have committed to.



An Awakened Ambassador is an important face of our festival. An outgoing, infectious personality is essential for this job. You will be responsible for looking out for the well-being of attendees on the grounds and spotting potential 'vibe-killers' before they can happen. In addition to security and medical, you are our eyes and ears out there. You're approachable, and you love lifting attendee's up with high-fives, handing out water bottles throughout the day, and checking in on individuals who may be having difficulties. Your primary purpose will be to represent Awakened and spread good vibes.

Front Gate/ Check-In

Front Gate volunteers work to ensure each vehicle has a parking pass and that attendee tickets are scanned for wristband distribution. They will also provide Parking & Camping information upon entry.

Candidates are friendly, organized, proactive, pay great attention to detail and are comfortable standing for long periods of time.


Green Team

The Green Team Crew works hard to keep the festival grounds just as, or even more pristine than when we had arrived. Candidates are comfortable working outdoors and act as environmental advocates by influencing to do the same.

(Pre-Show, Showtime & Post-show)


You are a team player who sees the bigger picture. You are interested in getting experience in event management and are interested in contributing to the day-to-day tasks that go into building a music festival. You have experience with customer service and have excellent organizational skills. If this is you, we would love to hear from you!


(we supply referrals and letters of recommendation for our top interns)

Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction teams work to provide resources and medical care to attendees who are in need of a safe space, someone to confide in, or are simply looking for information.


Human Resources

The HR team works to help our on-site crews fill out paperwork, provide information to staff regarding their shift times and keeps all paperwork filed and up to date. Lengthy customer service experience is a primary asset & qualification.

(Pre-Show & Showtime)



A team of medical professionals who provide on-site care and attention for staff and guests. Qualified applicants must hold an OFA3 certification at minimum. You would be paired with one or more individuals with EMR or EMT designations. 

(Pre-Show & Showtime)


The production team works on Pre-Show Set Up and/or Post-Show Tear Down. Candidates have extensive experience working labour, have a relentless work ethic, and love to work in a team environment. Trade skills are a definite asset, but not a requirement of this position. If you're confident that you can work safely keeping the safety of your teammates ahead of productivity, then you'll fit right in!

(Pre-Show Set Up & Post-Show)


Reception works directly with HR and checks in our volunteers, staff, artists, and contractors. You'll give them information on where to go when they arrive, help them obtain their credentials if needed, and occasionally liaise with Transportation to help them get where they need to go.

(Pre-Show & Show-Time)


The Roamer Team is a crew of proactive individuals who are able to adapt and learn the basics of a new skill quickly when needed. They have a wide-range of experience and are always thinking on their feet. When they are not working on a task, Roamers are on-call to help cover when teams are short staffed. They will get acquainted with many different teams and are always on the lookout for shoring up issues before they can become problematic. Qualified candidates love a challenge, a dynamic work environment, and picking up new skills.

(Pre-Show & Showtime)

Traffic Control

Traffic Control volunteers assist staff with keeping the flow of vehicle traffic moving through the parking and camping areas. It is one of the most vital roles to ensure the festival operates safely and smoothly. Candidates are friendly and comfortable with standing for long periods of time.

(Pre-Show & Showtime)

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