The Evolution

Introducing NEW Awakened Music Festival!

A Life Awakened Events is thrilled to finally reveal our official festival partnership with legendary Whistler producer duo, Case Of The Mondays [Dirtybird, Box Of Cats, Westwood Recordings]!

By combining our wide-range of networks and resources, we are scaling this event to a whole new level of size and overall experience. Attendees can expect elaborate stage designs, international headlining acts, educational workshops, vibrant art walks, and a whole new level of branded aesthetics in our production - all fueled by the concept of living an ‘Awakened’ existence.

the Name

The original brand name  ‘A Life Awakened’ was chosen to reflect the direct impact that our community gatherings has had on our lives in and out of the event space. It is about waking people up through music and art, living with purpose, and grabbing a hold of one's passions and running with them fearlessly, but most importantly it is a calling to spread love and understanding through dance music.


- the STORY Continues-