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AMF's mission is to create a transformative dance music festival that serves as a catalyst for rapid self-discovery and promotes open mindedness, emotional healing, and life-altering spiritual awakening.



AMF is about broadening horizons and self-discovery. It is the act of finding your truth, finding your voice, and personal growth through reflection on your life thus far. It is the epiphany that helps you heal from past trauma. It is the lynch pin that helps you move forward or create change in your life.


Create a sense of community. All are welcome at AMF. Come with friends or come alone for, once you arrive, you're alone no more. This festival is a magical place where strangers become friends and friends can quickly turn into family. It is a community of like-minded individuals who care for one another and wish to play an instrumental role towards influencing emotional healing and spiritual growth in each others lives.

Respect the Earth

Do what you can to leave our Earth better than when she birthed you. Do what you should to leave her better for our sons and daughters. Celebrate her for all she's given us and find ways to show her gratitude.


personal growth

Take these core values away from here and practice in your everyday life. Take time to look inward and focus on what is important to you and how to get there. View every human as a potential for deep connection and treat them with care and understanding. Honor our Earth Mother always.

live Free

When entering the free, expressive, and open-minded world that is Awakened, attendees feel at ease in being who they truly. This is a world where judgment and bias is replaced with love and acceptance - a genuine experience of being ‘Awakened’.

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