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The Aesthetics  Team is a specialized, hand-picked group of individuals who understand -or are interested in understanding- the ‘Awakened vision' at its core and all of the spiritual concepts that influence it. This team is a year-round Hive Mind whose job is to discuss and investigate cost-effective ways of bringing artistic concepts to life at Awakened Music Festival. Please select the top three positions you would like to apply for when filling out our applications form above - these are volunteer positions that come with a variety of perks and incentives!




Art Director


Responsible for stationary art in our structures or art walk areas.


Shrines, Sculptures, Temples, Sacred Art, Signs with inspiring phrases or elaborate write ups to have positioned all around the grounds - whether to educate, entertain, or simply reinforce our message




Responsible for engineering structures and designing stages. 

Healing & Wellness


Responsible for the Wellness Park - an entire section of the festival dedicated to healing and enlightenment. Team members will work together on generating ideas around health and wellness and investigating the costs of services to be reviewed by management.


Moroccan Tea lounge, Guided Sound Healing Meditation Thru 432hz, Fundamentals of Shamanism Workshops, Hypnotherapists, Holistic Cooking Classes, Environmental Sustainability Speakers.

Intellectual Resource


Responsible for writing and securing government grants to aid in financing the creations of artistic concepts. 



 Must be well-versed in grant writing and can generate social posts. Exceptional reading and writing skills are essential for this role. 

Interaction & Immersion


Responsible for developing concepts for Interactive Zones, Exhibitions, & Game/Activity Areas.

Immersion Examples:


Mazes, Swings, Floating beds, Meditation nooks and Crannies

Interaction Examples:

Mimes, touring violinist who serenading couples / groups, a pant-less cello player, group games, large group singing bowls, mobile festival characters sprinkled throughout the grounds



Responsible for both creative and functional lighting at the festival.



Interactive sensor lighting, uplight positioning, overall ambience enhancement

Media Team


Responsible for year-round behind-the-scenes coverage of festival aesthetics team - always looking for opportunities to capitalize on generating unique content for the brand.



Photos & Film of key moments from behind the scenes at team meetings and craft sessions, journalism, brand story-telling through blogs, beautiful and inspiring spotlights on various team members through interviews and / or write ups.

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